Thematic Patterns#


These thematic patterns are managed by OIH and the community to add in the discovery and use of ocean related resources. The patterns are simple examples of types, with a focus on the properties and type relations of value to the Ocean InfoHub and the community it engages.

These “profiles” provide both a starting point for new users and a catalysis for discussion and extension with the community.

Thematic Profiles#

These profiles represent a reference implementation of Types related to the identified ODIS thematic areas. They provide a set of minimal elements and notes on more detailed elements.

These are not final and will evolve with community input. As this process moves forward we will implement versioning of the profiles to provide stable implementations providers can reliably leverage in their workflows.

Core Profiles#

Six key categories of interest:

  1. Experts and Institutions

  2. Documents

  3. Spatial Maps

  4. Projects

  5. Training

  6. Vessels

Supporting Profiles#

In support of these five thematic types above, these cross cutting types and properties were selected for attention. They represent some key patterns people may wish to leverage when describing their resources.

  1. Spatial Geometry

  2. Services

  3. Term Lists

  4. Languages

  5. Linking to Principles

  6. Identifier Patterns

See also

For OIH the focus is on generic documents which can scope reports, data and other resources. In those cases where the resources being described are of type Dataset you may wish to review patterns developed for GeoScience Datasets by the ESIP Science on Schema community.